Marginal Syllabus researchers are ​C​apturing and ​R​eporting ​O​pen ​W​eb ​D​ata for ​L​earning A​nalytics, ​A​nnotation, and ​E​ducation ​R​esearcher​s ​(CROWDLAAERS, pronounced “crowd layers”). As a real-time dashboard relevant to collaborative processes, CROWDLAAERS reports learning analytics associated with group, or ​crowd​, discourse ​layers​ added via OWA to web content. CROWDLAAERS has made open data associated with equity-oriented Marginal Syllabus conversations immediately available to stakeholder groups including educators, partners, and researchers. CROWDLAAERS provides learning analytics about participant activity, different OWA types, temporal patterns, and collaborative discourse.

CROWDLAAERS is a publicly available open-source service. Other researchers interested in studying OWA as LA can adapt the dashboard to their inquiry. CROWDLAAERS demonstrates how open data can be transparently leveraged as learning analytics, and how open processes can foster participatory and accountable data collection and analysis procedures.