The Marginal Syllabus convenes and sustains conversations with educators about issues of equity in teaching, learning, and education. Through author and organizational partnerships, and by using the web annotation platform Hypothesis, the Marginal Syllabus fosters a participatory and open experiment in professional learning for educators eager to join critical conversations about equity and education.

The project’s name is an intentional reference to multiple interpretations of the term marginal.

The Marginal Syllabus collaborates with authors whose writing may be considered contrary – or marginal – to dominant education and schooling norms.

The Marginal Syllabus hosts and curates publicly accessible conversations among educators that occur in the margins of online texts via open web annotation.

The Marginal Syllabus mediates educator collaboration using Hypothesis, a technology that was neither developed nor initially intended for use in a learning context; educators use an open-source technology developed by a non-profit organization that is marginal to commercial edtech.